My New Tree

My neighbor Bart gave me this tiny plum tree. Not only that, he brought over peat moss, fertilizer and his rototiller and spent half the morning planting it for me.

Bart has also mowed my lawn since the day I moved in.

My old neighbors in Ballard were just as kind. For 7 years, Ed shared his home cooking with me several times a week. Barbara taught me how to knit. Sharon and Chris have taken me out for every birthday since we met, even after I moved away.

You’ve no doubt heard of the dreaded “Seattle Freeze”. But you know, most of these fabulous folks have lived in the area for decades. And all I did to get these friendships started was smile across the driveway.

So if you’re a newcomer who doesn’t feel like Seattle has given you the warmest welcome, try smiling at the neighbors. (If they don’t smile back, give me a call and let’s find you some new ones.) You might end up with a baby plum tree! And when it starts growing buckets of plums, bring them to my old neighbor Kristina. She’ll bring you back the best plum preserve you’ve ever had.

Posted on July 25, 2017 at 6:42 pm
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