Seattle vs Houston

I used to work at a magical place called Everyone’s Internet. The company was based in Houston; I lived in DC. I visited once every few weeks but refused to move closer because… Houston?

The heat! The traffic! The time it takes to get anywhere! The very same conditions you’ve experienced during this week’s heat wave and Seafair traffic!

More seriously, though, I was saddened to see this Zillow Research article comparing homelessness here versus there. Zillow’s statistical model showed that in Seattle, a 5% increase in average rents would add 258 to the homeless population. In Houston, the same percentage rent increase would put 120 out on the streets.

According to Marilyn Brown, President and CEO of the Coalition for the Homeless in Houston, “by 2020, we will have fixed the system such that no one who enters homelessness need be without permanent housing for longer than 30 days. We’re in Texas. We put a man on the moon, so we figured we could put them all into housing.”

Which reminds me of this Seattle Times report back in June about home ownership among black families. In 1970, 49% of King County households headed by a black person owned their homes. Nowadays, it’s down to 28% — versus 71% in Houston and 60% in DC.

Seattle needs to do better, don’t you think?

Posted on August 4, 2017 at 1:15 pm
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