Title Insurance Offers Protection Against Naked Neighbors!

I spent this morning at a class on title and escrow. To illustrate the value of title insurance, Lisa Umbelino from CW Title offered this attention-getting case study:

A homeowner has huge windows facing the neighbor’s backyard. Shortly after she moves in, the neighbor builds a deck in said yard, and begins using it for hot-tubbing in the nude. The homeowner looks into building a fence. In the process, she discovers that the neighbor’s deck encroaches upon her lot by 5 feet. She mentions this to the neighbor, who ignores her. She then calls her title insurance company, who persuades the neighbor to modify the deck rather than face a lawsuit.

You might not realize that title insurance protects homeowners against any future encroachments that may arise, but it’s true! ¬†And the protection lasts as long as the homeowners OR their heirs hold title.

Posted on August 10, 2017 at 5:14 pm
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