Rainier Valley Heritage Parade

Last year our office did this silly dance at the Rainier Valley Heritage Parade. We’ll be back for a repeat performance tomorrow. The parade starts at 10am sharp. If you want to catch us, come early! We’re 8th in line.

At our practice session on Wednesday, there was much discussion over those signs we’re holding. Dorothy claimed Rainier Beach. Larissa went for Hillman City. Virginia couldn’t decide between Jefferson Park and Mount Baker Rowing Center. I took Bryn Mawr.

Have you been to Bryn Mawr? If you’re looking to buy a house, you should consider going for a visit. And soon! Until recently, this still sort-of-affordable neighborhood was a well-kept secret. But while hosting an open house for Ted‘s client, I kept a tally of where prospective buyers currently live: Greenwood, West Seattle, Newcastle, Central District, Burien, Capitol Hill, Pioneer Square, Rolling Hills, Green Lake, Seward Park, Mercer Island, East Lake, Renton, UW…

$425K was the reason why all these folks made the trek. 14 made offers to buy this house, which pushed its price quite a bit higher. But for now, other nearby options at this price point do come up. Let’s go check them out! And on the way there or back, we’ll visit Elvis and the Cat in the Hat at the amazingly awesome Skyway Grocery Outlet.

Posted on August 11, 2017 at 11:33 am
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