Housing by the Numbers: December 18, 2017


(Via C is for Crank) According to Seattle Department of Transportation, average daily traffic volume barely changed between 2015 (1,019,044) and 2016 (1,019,295) despite population growth of 19,901. However, collision rate increased by 6.3% and fatal/serious collisions increased by 16.5%. 2.6% more pedestrians were run over. Be careful out there!

$100 Million

Mayer Durkin announced investments to build 896 affordable housing units, renovate 535 existing affordable housing units and develop 26 homes for low-income first-time home buyers. The Urbanist points out this more than doubles Seattle Office of Housing’s 2016 budget of $47 million. These projects will be funded by the 2016 housing levy as well as the $29 million affordable housing bond approved by city council last year.

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