Housing by the Numbers: January 28, 2018

90 children

You should read this Seattle Times report on The Firs, a mobile home park in SeaTac. The owner wants to shut down the park and build on the land. Current residents, including 90 children, will be forced to relocate, but there are no nearby housing options. The means lost jobs, interrupted schooling and the dismantling of a close knit community where neighbors help each other make ends meet.


Also in the Seattle Times, the newly released Cost of Living Index says Seattle is the 6th most expensive place in the US. But believe it or not, we’re only #14 when it comes to housing costs. Hamburgers, dry cleaning and haircuts are where we’re #1. We’re also in the top 10 for gas, tire balancing, beer, frozen corn and tennis balls.


RIP, Ingvar Kamprad. Quartz reports that despite his┬ádyslexia, IKEA’s founder did his first business deal at age 5 and had a diversified empire of┬áChristmas ornaments, fish, lingonberries, and garden seeds by middle school. I did not know that there are no IKEAs in South America.


The cost of a detailed Lego replica of your 2,000 SF house. Delivery in 8-10 weeks. Might possibly be more durable than many new construction homes in Seattle.

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