More About Me

My Real Estate Background

My Aunt Grace has been a New York City Realtor for decades. As a kid, I loved tagging along while she went about her business. She treats every client like a dear friend, attending their children’s piano recitals and offering cooking tips. She says her ability to provide relevant housing advice comes from understanding how each client lives.

I took what I learned from Aunt Grace to my first grown-up job, in commercial real estate. Instead of families, I helped companies large and small find homes for their businesses. They, too, appreciated having a friend who took time to learn about their financial, operational and personal priorities.

I have also worked with technology startups on designing housing for their software applications. In the days before Amazon offered instantly resizable computing capacity, I spent several years at a large data center, helping cash-strapped entrepreneurial geniuses choose building blocks for their Internet infrastructure.

Now that I’m finally fulfilling my childhood dream of following in Aunt Grace’s footsteps, I’m looking forward to hearing all about how your next move fits in with your life.

My Favorite Clients

When I moved from Washington, DC to Seattle in 2009, my biggest concern was how to get Spot, my excruciatingly timid cat, from there to here. The solution? A pet transportation service whose two drivers took turns at the wheel, so that Spot never had to leave the car during our 47 hour trip.

Spot was also the reason behind my latest move. His arthritic joints could no longer handle stairs, so I traded my two-story house for a rambler with backyard space for a big catio.

I especially love working with families for whom four-legged members are an important priority. Your furry friends’ needs will always be on my mind as we consider your housing options.

A Few Other Things

I won MIT’s outstanding undergraduate research award for my statistical model on property taxes, a topic I’m still fascinated with. I’ve found that King County tax assessments aren’t always consistent with fair market values. If you have questions about yours, I’d be happy to take a look. I can also walk you through the appeal process.

I teach free Reiki classes for folks living with traumatized, geriatric or chronically ill animals. You are welcome to join me if you’re in one of these situations.

I am on the planning committee for this year’s Mount Baker Home Tour, a South Seattle tradition conceived in 1971 to combat post-school-desegregation redlining and highlight Mount Baker as an inclusive community. If you live in the neighborhood – or would like to – please save the date: Saturday, December 2!

I am also a volunteer for the Hillman City Collaboratory. Please consider our lovely, affordable space as a venue for your kid’s next birthday party, or your band’s next gig. Drop me a line and I’ll give you a tour. Rental proceeds help support our Drop-In Center, which offers hot meals and a welcoming place to anyone in need.

Thanks for taking time to read about me. I'm looking forward to getting to know you, too! Give me a call or send me an email, and let's talk!