More About Me

What Matters Most

I recently moved from Seattle to Lynnwood for Spot, my elderly cat. Because his aging joints could no longer handle stairs, I traded my cute bungalow for a rambler with backyard space for a big catio. And given Spot's precarious health, I wanted to be as close as possible to a 24-hour emergency vet clinic.

As a lifelong urbanite, moving to the suburbs was a big deal. But I’ve come to appreciate Lynnwood so much. It’s affordable, convenient and safe. Let me give you a tour!

The thing is, people move for a million different reasons. And countless factors determine how well a new living situation aligns with any particular person’s priorities. Having been through more than a dozen cross town, cross country and international moves myself, I can help sort through your options and accompany you through the smoothest possible transition.                      

Welcome, New Seattleites!

I came to Seattle in 2009 and immediately fell in love with my first real house. I had never lived in a single family home before and quickly learned that house ownership is no piece of cake, especially in the Pacific Northwest. It's also amazingly rewarding. Whether you're making the apartment-to-house leap, or moving to Seattle from a less soggy climate, I look forward to introducing you to the local housing stock and helping you avoid common pitfalls. 

I can also tell you all about our wacky property tax system. I've found King County tax assessments to be wildly inconsistent. If you have questions about yours, I’d be happy to take a look. I can also walk you through the appeal process.

May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor

Buying a house these days seems tougher than surviving the Hunger Games. Selling a house, too, is not always straightforward. While many local homes spark bidding frenzies, as many as half of winter sellers receive less than their asking price. Let me put math on your side.

Since my (long-ago) days as an MIT student, number crunching has always been a favorite past time. I can tell you the premium a seller could hope to receive from a kitchen remodel, the discount buyers might enjoy when a home is cluttered with the current resident’s belongings, and other relevant stats that may help you gain an edge.

Let Us Go and Make Our Visit

Whether you live in (or would like to move to) Everett, Federal Way or anywhere in between, there’s a restaurant near you that I’d like to try. Let’s meet up and grab a bite? Give me a call at 206-588-5549 or drop me a line at